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BSEN 12608

The majority of Rehau S706 profiles are accredited to the above standard. The BSEN 12608 standard requires the testing of the profiles themselves for performance and surface quality. The current Rehau S706 Profile print lists all profiles that confirm to the above standard.


Rehau holds a model certificate for the BBA testing Rehau S706. Currently this applies to all profiles white and foiled.

Read more about why Prior Conservatories use Rehau Products.

Fabricator Accreditation

Rehau S706 has been tested in accordance with BS7412 (performance of finished windows), BS7950(windows security test) PAS23/24 (door security).

Window locking mechanisms are Maco espag locking with night latch facility

Door locking mechanisms are Fuhr 2 Hooks which is six point locking


Built to last

All Prior Conservatories roofs are approved by the Government sponsored test agency, the British board of Agrement (BBA) to last at least 25 years. Imagine what implications the weather imposes upon your conservatory roof. Over an average of 25 years it could include having to withstand:

  • 15,300mm of rainfall
  • 450 days with snow falling
  • 67 days of hail the size of peas
  • 9,125 days with temperatures on the range of: - -15°C in winter to +35°C in summer
  • 300 Visits by window cleaners, house painters and aerial riggers

Now you can see why the roof needs to be tough.

Statutory Obligations

Every Prior Conservatories roof is designed and manufactured in complete accordance with all relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice.

  • BS5516 Parts 1 & 2: 2004-Sloping glazing for buildings
  • BS8118 Part 2: 1997 - wind loads
  • BS6399 Part 3: 1998 - snow loads
  • BS8118 Part 3: 1991 - Structural use of aluminium - design
  • BS8118 Part 1: 1991 - Structural use of aluminium - materials and workmanship

Prior conservatories are proud of the fact that our roofs were the first in the industry to be approved by the BBA.

So, all the industry 'firsts' are ours - we created industry standards when there were none and that passion for excellence continues to live on today throughout our extensive and market leading product range.

Comfortable and Controllable Environment

The position of a conservatory in relation to its surroundings is a key factors in the creation of a comfortable conservatory interior whatever the weather.

Good installation and heating will be required if the conservatory is North facing, whilst additional ventilation and shading (e.g. shaded polycarbonate) for South facing conservatories is essential.

We do this to ensure that whether it's rain or shine outdoors, your conservatory has a comfortable interior temperature for you, your friends and your family to enjoy the whole year round.

The patented ridge and eaves beam provides all year round ventilation minimising the possibility of condensation forming. It has also been designed to provide the ultimate in security.

Conservatory Safety and Security

When double glazed glass units are used in the roof, they are required to meet full safety glazing material to BS6206. Polycarbonate glazing material is specified as it is both strong and shatterproof. Conservatory roofs can aid escape from windows above in the event of a fire, Prior Conservatories roofing systems incorporate specially designed glazing bar features to prevent thieves and intruders from& removing the glazing panels to gain access.


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