Add Value To Your Home With Prior Conservatories


If you want to add value to your home and increase your living space then you could add a brick-built extension, however this can be costly, complex, and time-consuming, especially when compared with the more cost effective alternative of adding a simple yet effective self build conservatory.


A new conservatory can provide you with an attractive, desirable and impressive area without substantially altering the structure of your home. As conservatories grow in popularity, a new Prior conservatory kit is easy to build and will enhance your property even further making it more desirable to future purchasers. Our conservatories are built to last and will give many years of service and enjoyment. In addition because all of our DIY conservatories are fitted with energy rated PVCu windows, they are easy to heat and therefore useable all year round and are therefore far more versatile than a standard double glazed conservatory.

The versatility of a Prior DIY conservatory allows it to be used in all manner of ways. We have provided self build conservatories for use as music rooms, offices, games rooms, somewhere for the parents to chill out whilst the kids run riot through the rest of the house, and of course for bringing your garden into your home. They are superb when used for family parties at times like Christmas or birthdays.

It is the built in quality and attention to detail that makes a Prior DIY conservatory stand out from the rest and makes it a valuable asset to your property.


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