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For those homeowners that prefer a clean simple look a Lean To Conservatory is the ideal choice. Traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward area in which to fit a conservatory. The pitch of the roof is variable, so that a shallow pitch could fit under a low bungalow roof, whilst a steeper pitch would match the roof of a terraced house. Often referred to as a sunroom or garden room, the lean-to conservatory brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your home.


What is a DIY Lean To Conservatory

A lean to conservatory is perhaps the most versatile of all of the conservatory designs. It can be used where the height of the conservatory roof at the house wall is restricted, such as on a bungalow, or where a bedroom window is directly above the centre of the conservatory. Lean to conservatories are also the ideal solution where the depth of the conservatory is restricted, but you want to achieve as much space as possible by increasing the width.

Lean to conservatories can serve many purposes. Apart from being a valuable extension to your living space, your lean to conservatory can act as a garden room or greenhouse, giving you the benefits of sitting in your garden, or tending your greenhouse plants, even on the worst of winter days. The versatility of the lean to design also makes it ideal for constructing a lean to porch on your house.

Building a lean to conservatory is also usually easier than other types, due to the simpler roof construction, making it the ideal option for the DIY conservatory builder.

If the sizes you require are not available in our Lean To Modular Conservatory Builder, please complete your requirements in the Bespoke Conservatory Builder section. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at sales@priorconservatories.co.uk, by freephone on 0800 001 5848, or fax on 01789 720220 for further details


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