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What Planning Permission Do I Need For A Conservatory in the UK?

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

Not the easiest of questions to answer, but we will try our best to help you with the most up to date information and advice.

Right the easy bit: If you live in a listed building, you’ll need to apply for planning permission for any extension this will include a conservatory.

Now for everyone else;

Conservatories are classed as permitted developments, which mean they don’t need planning permission, as long as you meet certain conditions.

There are a number of conditions relating to the structural elements of the conservatory as well as its position in regards to the house.

Here's a summary of some of the conditions follow the link to read the complete list on the Planning Portal website

  • No more than 50% of land around the "original house" should be covered by the conservatory.
  • No extension forward of the principal elevation or side elevation fronting a highway
  • No extension to be higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • A single-storey rear extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 3m if an attached house or by 4m if a detached house. This limit is increased to 6m if an attached house and 8m if a detached house until 30 May 2016, subject to the Neighbour Consultation Scheme [see below for more information].
  • Maximum height of a single-storey rear extension should be no more than 4m.
  • Maximum height of the conservatory should be no higher than existing house.
  • Side extensions should be single storey with maximum height of 4m and width of no more than 50% of the original house.
  • Extensions of more than one storey must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 3m or be within 7m of any boundary opposite the rear wall of the house.
  • No verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • On designated land – national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites – no permitted development for rear extensions of more than one storey; no cladding of the exterior; no side extensions

Neighbour Consultation Scheme

This is for anyone wanting to build larger extensions, which conservatories are included. The department for communities and local government states:

“For a period of six years, between 30 may 2013 and 30 may 2019, householders will be able to build larger single-storey rear extensions under permitted development. the size limits will double from 4 metres to 8 metres for detached houses, and from 3 metres to 6 metres for all other houses. these new larger extensions (i.e. if they extend between 4 and 8 metres, or between 3 and 6 metres) must go through the following process.   

Need More Help?

Our friendly team are on hand if you need any questions asking before you purchase your new DIY conservatory kit. So don’t be shy you can either ring or email us if you have any niggling questions you would like to ask.

Once you have worked out the right size of conservatory for your home, have a browse through the different conservatory styles available from Prior Conservatories.              


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