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Ways You Can Light Up Your Conservatory

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

A conservatory is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to capture the maximise amount of natural day light into their properties. But what happens when the sun goes down and you still want to enjoy your conservatory?

The style of roofing will determine what sort of lights you can use in the ceiling area for example; a lean to conservatory is usually limited to certain options due to the slope in the roof, unless suitable lights are added into the roofing system at the point of installation.

You need to consider the size and function of the room before you make your purchase and also the style of room you will be lighting. So whether you have a traditional or modern conservatory there are plenty of choices out there when adding lights into your garden room.

When choosing lights you should always have back ground lighting to create an ambiance and primary lighting for practical purposes. With that in mind let’s look at some ideas…

Stunning Light Options For Conservatories.

Wire Light Systems

These stylish spotlighting systems are perfect for high ceilings and look great in a modern conservatory. A series of lights are attached to a wire with adjustable spotlights which are usually available in a variety of finishes and a choice of how many spot lights you would like along the wire.

Recessed Spotlights
These are situated in the roof and provide soft or bright lighting when needed, as some can be fitted with a dimmer switch. A clean and simple way of lighting up any room and a popular choice!

Wall Up Lights.
Up lights work well when, there is a restriction on what can be hung from the ceiling and will provide a soft delicate light. The lights themselves also look very stylish even when they are not in use.

Floor Lights
If you are changing your flooring in the conservatory then adding floor lights is a subtle way of lighting the room is rather unique. This type of lighting should be used as a background light not as the main form of lighting the room.

Table  Lamps
To create a soft ambience use table lamps around the room to light up a dark corners. Use low wattage bulbs so not to create a bright glare when switched on. With such a wide range of styles, colours and sizes available we will leave you to browse the shops till you find the lamps that best suit your conservatory.

Floor Lamps
Just like table lamps there’s are wide choice available suiting modern and traditional conservatories, situated by an easy chair it’s easy to see yourself relaxing with a good book besides a beautiful floor lamp.

Want to make a dramatic statement? Then go for a chandelier. Add glamour and sophistication to your conservatory with a beautiful chandelier, the perfect choice if you use your conservatory as a dining room. Hung over your dining table it’s the perfect centre piece.

Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting will work well in a conservatory suspended from the ceiling for both contemporary and traditional styled rooms. If your ceiling space is large enough you can even hang a selection of pendant lights for additional drama and affect.

Small decorative lights

·       Warm White Wire LED lights on a flexible fine silver wire, which can be used to decorate floral displays, lanterns and bell jars. Alternatively they can be wrapped around furniture, laid on a table or mantel piece. Place them in jam jars for a simple yet beautiful table decoration.

·       LED tea lights or candles placed in colourful or simple tea light holders. The beauty of the LED tea lights is you don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended.

·       Fairy light garlands draped around the room provide a little bit of magic and romance.

·       Typography lights spell out exactly what you are thinking with these fun ornamental lights!



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