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The Hot Tub: The Ultimate Luxury Extension to Your Conservatory

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

conservatory hot tubIf you appreciate life’s luxuries, and love keeping up with the Jones’ next door, then we’ve found the perfect addition to your home. It’s the latest craze, and with good reason! Once you have an outdoor hot tub installed, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Get the Hot Tub Lifestyle

A hot tub will provide you with years and years of pleasure and entertainment – just think how impressed all your friends and family will be! It’s perfect for all occasions, as an outdoor hot tub can be used all year round. The bubbles are relaxing and soothe the muscles – hot tubs are known to be good for sore necks and backs, and help people sleep at night. This means you can jump in the hot tub alone if you wish, or it’s also the ideal place to end a romantic evening.

On the other hand, the hot tub transforms your house into a party palace as everyone jumps at the chance to have a dip. As a luxury addition to the garden and the conservatory, an outdoor hot tub holds hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. And don’t forget, we’re not just talking about garden parties in the summer – sometimes getting in the hot tub is even better when it’s cold outside. 


Hydrotherapy is a way of treating aches and pains by using water. This form of pain relief is automatic with a hot tub, as it pushes a mixture of water and air out through the jets to deliver a relaxing massage for the body. Once in the tub you can easily target certain areas which may need the pain relief. So not only is a hot tub one of the most impressive things you can buy for your garden, it could also improve your health.

Hot Tubs and Conservatories

The placement of your hot tub will depend on what brand and model you go for. The size will also be an important factor in choosing where the hot tub will sit in your garden. You may want it close to the building, but remember to consider your privacy and if you are being overlooked by neighbours. Is there a path from the conservatory to the hot tub, as you won’t want to walk on grass with wet feet? Perhaps you want it close to the door of the new conservatory so it feels like an extension of the room, or maybe further out so it feels totally separate. It’s completely up to you and the manufacturer to decide where is best to place to hot tub.

Can you think of anything more luxurious to add to the inside or outside of your conservatory?!


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