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More People Prefer Their Conservatory to the Garden

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

A survey carried out by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance has revealed the nation’s favourite room. 56% of homeowners reported the lounge as their preferred room in the house, while surprisingly only 6% chose the kitchen. What it also revealed was that more people seem to enjoy spending time in their conservatory than their garden – ​Perhaps the British weather is to blame?

3% of homeowners said the garden was their favourite part of the house, compared to 7% who decided on their conservatory or garden room. This suggests that Brits prefer enjoying the great outdoors from a warmer viewing platform!

Here at Prior Conservatories we don’t think it’s a revelation that most people enjoy their conservatories more than their gardens. After all, gardens need much more maintenance, and can’t be enjoyed 24/7, all year round. There’s also the slight problem of the weather which dominates whether we can even enter our garden or spend quality time in it. We’ve come up with our top reasons why conservatories rule – and it looks like a lot of the population agree.

  • Conservatories are a cost effective way to add more space to your home. In most cases you don’t need planning permission, and a conservatory or orangery can cost significantly less than a loft conversion or building an extension.
  • If you enjoy hosting garden parties, a conservatory is a fantastic addition. The space can act as a garden room, an extension of the garden rather than an extension of the house. It allows you and your guests to enjoy the sunshine while not exposed to the elements.
  • A conservatory gives you an extra living space which can be used all year round. This is especially useful if your family is growing and your little ones need a place to play when the rest of the family is watching TV.
  • As a conservatory adds space to your home, it can add value to your property.
  • Let there be light! Conservatories are fantastic for bringing more natural light into your home, which can boost your mood and make areas more useful.
  •  A conservatory is a multi-purpose room. It can be used as a lounge or reading room, a dining room, an entertaining space or a home office.

What is your favourite room in the house? Let us know!


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