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How to Create an Efficient Home Workspace

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

More and more people now require a space at home to work from. Many homeowners decide to turn a spare bedroom into a home office, but have you ever considered the conservatory as a suitable workspace?


A conservatory is the perfect room for a home office: it’s full of light, airy and usually the space is more than big enough for any equipment or workspaces needed. You can complete your work with a beautiful view of your garden, listen to the birds singing outside, and in warm weather you could even open the doors for fresh air to help you concentrate.


The conservatory is gaining popularity as a home office, thanks to its relaxing and spacious feel. The generous light and space can make you more productive, and the conservatory could also serve as a multi-function space, doubling as a dining room or extra lounge room in the evening. Rather than be confined to a claustrophobic box room, take advantage of the beautiful space downstairs.


Wherever you decide to work from, it’s important to create an efficient workspace which is set away from distractions. Here are some top tips:




Whatever kind of work you will be doing, whether it’s telecommuting or making something creative, you will need functional storage space. You may choose shelving or drawers, but make sure it is fit for purpose and you can neatly store everything you need and find it quickly. It isn’t efficient to keep some things you may need in other rooms. It’s also a good idea to have things out of sight, especially if you plan on using the conservatory for other purposes than a home office.


Wire Control


You’ll probably need Wi-Fi to do your job properly, so make sure you can get a good signal in your conservatory – otherwise you can get a signal booster or can do it the old fashioned way and plug in a cable. If you have other technology such as a computer, printer and other devices, a workspace can soon become cluttered and messy. Make sure all wires are grouped together and placed out of sight where possible.


Logical Layout

 The layout of the tools you need can have an impact on productivity. For example, if when setting out your office you focus more on the interior design, and where things ‘look better’ when placed, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Sit in a chair at the desk and pretend to do some of your tasks – this will determine where you need everything to be in order to be efficient.


Do you have a workspace in your conservatory? Does it help you to enjoy going to the office every day? Let us know.


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