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How to Create an Awesome Games Room

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19
Would you love to have a games emporium in your house, but simply don’t have the space? Modern homes are generally getting smaller, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners don’t have the space they crave for a totally awesome games room. If you need some extra space in your bachelor pad to fit in some games tables, your best option might be a garage conversion or a DIY conservatory.

For many conservatories you don’t have to worry about planning permission, so it’s a stress-free way to add an extension to your home. Alternatively, what’s cooler than an industrial style garage conversion, housing retro games to impress the whole street?

Once you’ve decided on where your new games room will be, here are some top styling tips:

Have a central focal point

Most games rooms need a focal point, which is usually some type of games table. Ideally a pool table is the best option, but if you think players will be limited in space surrounding the table, then how about table tennis or some American table football? You and your friends will soon turn into Chandler and Joey, addicted to the game!

Stylish seating

Even though it’s all fun and games, you’ll need to relax at some point in your games room. Stylish seating is essential, forget the boring armchairs and sofas – the games room calls for cool beanbags or contemporary stools. Also, you may have a video gaming corner which demands the latest comfy gaming chairs.


Different games and tournaments call for different lighting and moods. If you can’t have special overhead pool table lighting, then you’ll need the full lighting on during games. However, if you’re watching a film or playing a video game, you’ll want a dimmer light which won’t interfere with the screen. Place floor lamps around the room, and spotlights with separate dimmers are also a great idea.

Less is more

Don’t try and cram too much stuff into a small space – less is definitely more in the games room. Even if it is practical to only have a darts board and a video gaming station, that is enough to be classed as a games room! You want the space to look inviting and give off relaxing vibes, and if it is cramped then it will do the opposite.

Follow our tips and you’ll be chilling out in your games room through the week and hosting parties every weekend!

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