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Everything You Need To Know About UPVC DIY Conservatories.

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

We believe in manufacturing good quality and reasonably priced uPVC conservatories which are easy to install by any enthusiastic do it your-self person. We can supply you with a conservatory you really want, at a great price, giving you total control and satisfaction when it comes to installing and buying your new conservatory.

There are many reasons why people decide to build their own conservatory; for some it’s the reward they reap from doing the work themselves, for others it’s more of a financially choice that leads them to do it themselves.

Buying a DIY conservatory allows you to take on as much or as little of the installation/build on as you want. Some decide to project manage the build and employee either a builder or friend to carry out the actually physical work. Whilst others undertake the whole job from start to finish.

Buying Tips

  • When buying a DIY conservatory look out for these features to ensure you are getting the best quality product that will add value and help keep your home energy efficient.
  • 28mm double glazed sealed units, using 4mm toughened safety glass BS EN1279 and BS6206A Top opening vents with high security locks with lockable night vent position
  • High quality fully galvanized steel reinforced Rehau S706 70mm window and door system
  • High security locking systems for windows and doors.
  • 35mm multi-walled polycarbonate roof sheets or glass roof options including self-cleaning blue active and anti-sun.
  • Fixing kit containing frame anchors, screws, silicone sealant and glazing packers.
  • Comprehensive installation manuals for conservatory frames and roof.
  • Buy from a reputable company that supplies testimonials and warranties.

Design Options

There are 5 main design options available when buying a DIY conservatory which include; ·     

  • Edwardian
  • Victorian
  • Gable
  • Lean To Hipped
  • Lean To

As a rule most manufactures supply conservatories in modular parts which means the parts are fitted together to form the design and size you require. This allows you to add the doors and venting windows in the position you require.

Top Building Tips.

Here are a few handy tips to follow if you are considering adding a DIY conservatory to your home;

  • Check you don’t need planning permission, in most cases this will not be required however it’s always best to check!
  • Take your measurements in millimetres so not to cause confusion when ordering your conservatory.
  • Measure out the area you are going to use for the new conservatory, check for anything that could be in the way of the frames or roof before you order your conservatory.
  • When supplying your measurements give the external brickwork size, so the frame can be made to fit correctly. (Check with your supplier that they work the same way).
  • Organise and have delivered all materials that you will need on the build for example skips, scaffolding, ladders, concrete, sand, gravel etc.
  • Carry out a risk assessment of the area to keep everyone on site safe.
  • Bases can be constructed in two ways – traditional concrete base or a pre-fabricated base system. Choose the option which works best for you and your build both have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Once the base is in place build any brick walls to the desired height then cover with sheeting to protect the build from the UK weather.
  • When fitting the actual frame take your time and follow your instructions, don’t rush this process and make sure everything is fitted correctly. Once the frames are in place you can finally add the roof.

If you are ready to buy a new DIY conservatory then use our online modular conservatory builder to find the best style and solution for your home.    


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