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Alternative Uses for Your Conservatory Room

Posted: Thursday, 10 May 2018 @ 11:19

Conservatories are a versatile space, meaning they can be used for absolutely anything. Many homeowners choose to transform their new conservatory into an extra sitting room, an extension of the kitchen or an open plan dining room. However, if you don’t need any of those extra rooms, then there are plenty of other ideas for you to choose from. Why not select one of our alternative uses for your orangery or conservatory room?

Hobby Space

If you have a creative hobby, such as sewing, card making or any other arts and crafts, then you need a clutter-free space to complete your work. Not many homes have a spare room to turn into your very own craft studio – so how about setting up in the conservatory? Whether you need a small table and chest of resources or a larger workspace, a conservatory is a perfect creative space.

Home Office

Around 1.4 million people work from home, with that number growing all the time. Thanks to companies allowing flexible working and more people choosing to set up business at home and spend more time with the families, there is a greater demand for a home office. Many homes haven’t been built to adapt to this need, and if you have children it can be difficult to find the perfect space for your home office. The conservatory is a wonderful place to work, with plenty of natural light and a stress-free environment.


Conservatories were actually invented to help plant growth, hence the name orangery. They were mainly used for citrus plants, such as lemon trees and you guessed it – orange trees. If you take pride in your garden, why not give your plants a helping hand in the conservatory before planting them outdoors? You could even grow your plants in winter and spring and sell them in summer as you will have plenty of space.

Yoga or Meditation Space

With the stresses of everyday life, we all need a special place to unwind and rejuvenate. Many people like to do yoga, Pilates or simply meditate to relax their mind. The conservatory is the perfect retreat for these kind of peaceful activities. Quiet and comfortable, you will feel connected to nature without having to be outside in your garden. Keep your yoga mat rolled up under your sofa, and the conservatory can instantly become your tranquil place!

What do you use your conservatory for? If it’s an unusual kind of space we want to know!


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